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Geo-tagged monumental trees Gantong

Geo-tagged monumental century old trees below the Gantong range.


two men displaying a peice of resin

Julio Cusurichi from Peru and Katis from Catelegyan (Palawan) showing a piece of Almaciga resin collected from an Agathis tree grown after the massive Infanta logging operations in the 70s.

These trees that are essential to Palawan existence are secondary growth forest. The Infanta logging programme destroyed the primary cover.




men in forest with logs

Illegal logging paves way for Ipilan Nickel Mining operations in Brooke's Point municipality.

children protesting against the logging in Palawan





























Children demonstrating against mining in Brooke's Point.

© Artiso Mandawa.


sunset over mountains in Bulanjao

A view of the Bulanjao range at sunset.

A scarred forest landscape.

RTNMC operations have paid a heavy tool on the last lowland primary forest in Palawan.

Palawan community



























The Palawan IP settlement of Besey Beses (see map of mission’s itinerary).

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