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Cultural Severance & Climate Change

The impacts of cultural severance, of human-induced climate change and natural climate change each individually and also in combination, present great challenges to environmental sustainability

Cultural severance and associated land-use changes have impacted on and influenced climate – through destruction of vegetation, of soils, and particularly the loss of fens, bogs, heaths, moors, and other lands with extensive organic soils. These losses have released massive quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Moves to petrochemical technologies and urban living have released huge amounts of carbon dioxide and massive quantities of waste energy as heat into the environment

With cultural severance from traditional landscapes and fuelled by petrochemicals agri-industry and industrial forestry have combined with urbanisation to destroy and fragment habitats and to bring about gross transformation of entire landscapes.

These transformed landscapes and their fragmented habitats have only limited ability to respond to climate change – to moderate impacts and to mollify adverse trends – so species cannot move or adapt. The landscapes no longer respond to climatic pressures or for example, to extreme weather events and both floods and droughts have become commonplace. Basic ecosystem services and functions are under stress and increasingly under threat. 

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Professor Ian D. Rotherham

The conference Guest of Honour is world-renowned environmentalist Professor David Bellamy

** Professor Ian Rotherham’s new book ‘The End of Tradition – how cultural severance threatens our world’ will be published this autumn