Kenya IN PICTURES: Scenes of devastation from the Mau Forest


A few days ago Plant Talk reported from the Mau Forest in Kenya as the Kenyan Government in, partnership with UNEP, appealed for funds to help save their largest forest. These photos show exactly why that appeal was made: this is forest degradation on a huge scale, threatening not only the plants and animals but also the human inhabitants.

All photos courtesy of Christian Lambrechts, UNEP.

forest showing bare areas that have been cleared

Cleared forest results in a patchwork effect across the landscape

forest being extensively cleared

Extensively cleared forest after years of encroachment

hillside forest scene

A hillside showing smoke rising through the trees

forest showing smoke from fires sweeping through

Forest being cleared using fire

burnt tree trunk

The sad result of forest fires

forest on fire

Much of the 400,000 hectares of the Mau is damaged

man working in clearing planting crops

A settler burns the trees to grow cabbages and other crops