Peru: Government investigates illegal logging


It was reported last week that a conservationist from Round River Conservation Studies had taken photos of illegal loggers inside a Peruvian reserve. The Peru government will investigate say Survival International.

Peru's indigenous affairs department, INDEPA, has announced it will investigate these claims.

"We are going to check the photos that Survival has released," said INDEPA'S president, Mayta Capac Alatrista, before adding that he would ask Survival for further information, coordinate with local authorities, and approach the Brazil government's Indigenous Affairs Department (FUNAI).

"All four camps looked to be active. Illegal logging in protected areas is a serious threat to the indigenous people who live in the region. Not only are these 'uncontacted' people extremely vulnerable to diseases brought by outsiders, but there is a history of violent conflict between them and loggers," said Fagan.